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As you crack open a cold Oleta River IPA, the first notes dance on your taste buds, reminiscent of the crisp breeze that accompanies the river’s journey. The blend of hops mirrors the harmony between the rippling river and the lush greenery that lines its shores. With each sip, you embark on a sensory expedition. The flavors unwind like the river's twists and turns, revealing layers of citrus, pine, and hints of tropical fruit. It's a taste of the outdoors, a celebration of Florida’s natural beauty. Oleta River IPA isn't just a beer; it's an escape encapsulated in a can or glass. It's the perfect companion for those who crave the rush of paddling against the current, the serenity of drifting with the flow, and the triumph of conquering new horizons. Oleta River IPA, an ode to the modern explorer in every one of us. Cheers to escaping to adventure!


  • Malt Bill- Pale Malt, Oats, Carapils

  • Hops- Mosaic, Cascade, Citra, Simcoe and Columbus

  • Alcohol- 6.9%

  • IBU’s- 43

  • SRM- 5.2

Oletra Escape to Adventure.jpg


The embodiment of adventure in every sip. Picture yourself on the banks of the Oleta River, where the sun kisses the water and the air is infused with the thrill of exploration. 

Oleta IPA Glass_edited.png
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